Majira Project

Community Development through Entrepreneurship

Majira means summer in Swahili, so in a nod to the growing season we help small businesses and startups grow. 


Our vision is to create wealth and more sustainable communities by enabling growth for small businesses and startups led by founders of color or serving underserved communities.


Welcome the 6th cohort! 

57. AbsoluteJOI (DC)
58. Activest (DC)
59. ANIMA IRIS (Philadelphia)
60. Black Women's Wealth  Alliance (Minneapolis)
61. Boston While Black (Boston)
62. Bquate (NYC)
63.  ChargerHelp! (LA)
64.  Courtroom5 
65.  CreditRich (DC)

66.  Cupcake Therapy (Boston)

67. Donna's Recipe (LA)

68. GhostLight Productions (Detroit)

69. HUED (NYC)
70. Kanarys (Dallas)
71.  Kyber Photonics (Boston)
72. Lillii RNB (Atlanta)

73. Maven Construction (Boston)

74. MedHaul (Memphis)

75. Mentor Spaces (Denver)

76. MoCaFi (NYC)

47. OjaExpress (Chicago)

78. Osmoses (Boston)

79. Permit US Now (Houston)

80. Perspectivity Intl (Dallas)

81.  Re-Nuble (NYC)

82. (LA)

83. Rheaply (Chicago)
84. Rubix LS (Boston)
85. Savannah Sauce Company (Savannah)

86. Scripted (Chicago)

87. Sugar (LA)

88. Wise Systems (Boston)

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Our Collective Impact

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“It reinforced that the company was on the right path as we pivoted in our business strategy to focus on content marketing strategy with sound marketing automation mechanics to optimize the funnel's effectiveness." 

Tina Ramos

Owner and Founder of Crossfit Iron and Grit