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Interested in mentoring or coaching?

Mentors are a core part of how we help our companies scale and grow. As a mentor or coach, you will lend your experience and expertise to current and former Majira companies through individual and small group sessions.

Coaches are matched with companies in our Accelerator Program and meet on a regular basis throughout the program to oversee program experience, share ideas and knowledge, and receive advice on next steps of their journey. 

Mentors are connected with program and alumni companies on an ad hoc basis as alignment arises. 

  • As we work with companies across many industries, we are always looking for both seasoned entrepreneurs and subject matter experts in wide variety of business and industry areas

  • The amount of time spent will be up to the coach or mentor. We will reach out when we have a company or opportunity we think may be able to benefit from your expertise, but you will always have the opportunity to decline. If you find that you are no longer interested or consistently unable to spend time with companies, we ask that you let us know and we may remove you from our mentor list. Coaching commitments will be made on a per-program basis: at the start of each new program cycle, we will reach out to coaches to assess bandwidth and continued interest. 

  • We ask that you enter the program as a volunteer with a genuine desire to help. If a commercial relationship results from relationships formed, we welcome that, but ask to be kept in the loop to be able to track things and ensure no conflicts of interest arise.

Please review our full Code of Conduct for participating and fill out the following form if you're still interested.


Other questions?

Reach out to us at or fill out the contact form here! We're always eager to connect with and explore partnership opportunities with other like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations.

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