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Kyber Photonics

Kyber Photonics

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Tech, Transportation



Kyber Photonics is developing the hardware to enable autonomous systems and machines to perceive and navigate the world with four-dimensional (4D) information. In addition, our lidar-on-a-chip sensor will finally solve the cost, reliability, performance, and scalability challenges for our autonomy and mobility customers. At the core of our LiDAR sensor is an optical beam steering mechanism that uses integrated photonic circuits that can scan a laser and build a map of the local environment. Our LiDAR sensor supplies both x,y,z position and velocity (a.k.a. 4D) information which is used for object detection and avoidance while maneuvering on roads, within closed environments, or in the air. Our sensor uses no moving parts (a.k.a. is “solid state”) making it highly reliable and robust in extreme environments. We’ve designed our LiDAR to be manufacturable using the same system-on-chip fabrication platform used by the electronics industry to build integrated circuits, which will allow our LiDAR to be manufactured at high volume and for very low cost (on the order of $100-200). It will also allow our LiDAR to be very compact, allowing for a size, weight, and power that is suitable for mounting on small autonomous systems.


Josue Lopez, Thomas Mahony

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